The ValueView® survey is very simple and is not a burden for participants

The survey is simple and short. ValueView® makes use of simple and up-to-date software solutions. Thanks to this, the survey is not a burden for participants. The study is carried out through two simple electronic questionnaires. Employees of the company as well as the beneficiaries at whom their tasks are aimed participate in the survey. The ValueView® is divided into three phases:

  • Step 1: Participants describe the tasks they perform
  • Step 2: Participants specify the beneficiares of the task they perform
  • Step 3: The beneficiaries evalueate the tasks from their usefulnes

ValueView® tells each employee which of his or her current tasks are required by the organization and which may be gradually eliminated. Triggered by this information, employees and their managers can carry out changes in work processes with benefits for the company and for its clients. In so doing, ValueView® periodical surveys boost self-calibration in the organization, thus creating the opportunity to adjust all processes to the requirements and goals of the organization. In a short period of time, organizations are able to provide employees with precise information on the profitability of the tasks they carry out. ValueView® is a compass for company staff, which allows them to reduce unprofitable tasks and to focus on those which are best correlated with the organization’s goals.

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