ValueView® will help you clear your organisation of unprofitable tasks

ValueView® is a method that uses the survey to continuously measure the value of tasks and processes within an organization, supported by a dedicated IT system. ValueView® measures the importance and sufficiency of tasks for their beneficiaries, i.e. internal and external clients. Beneficiaries are the main information providers to estimate the value of tasks for the organization.  .

The measurement covers the tasks conducted by employees. Measuring is based on a comparison of the supply of work in terms of particular tasks with the demand that the organization and its clients generate for such tasks. ValueView® analyses the parameters of each of the measured tasks, including its importance and sufficiency from the viewpoint of beneficiaries. Analysis of task correlation and related costs and benefits allows for calculating the profitability and thus the value of each task.

The ValueView® profitability analysis method allows organizations to identify both unprofitable tasks that can be eliminated to reduce the organization’s costs and tasks that require more effort. This knowledge will help the organization to improve its efficiency without any additional costs, only through better allocation of its resources

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