How can your organisation benefit from ValueView®?

  • Reduce the amount of unnecessary work and free up to 20% of your personnel’s time.
  • Make your people take care of what really matters and is needed in your business.
  • Improve your organisation’s work efficiency. This will make your people believe in what they do.
  • Increase your employees’ engagement without having to motivate them.
  • Make your business more profitable quickly and at no cost.
Better allocationof workprofitability+20%

Tasks / occupation

What do business consultants and our clients say about ValueView®?

What is the ValueView®?

ValueView® is an innovative tool for measuring the profitability of business tasks, jobs and processes. ValueView® will help you make your business more efficient in a short time and at no extra cost.


  • It will analyse the tasks assigned to your personnel and tell you which of the tasks your organisation needs and which should be eliminated gradually.
  • It will indicate the unprofitable tasks which can be reduced to save you money.
  • It will define highly-profitable tasks which you should invest more effort in.
  • It will give you the results of the analysis as profitability measures to help you relocate your resources.
  • It is performed as a straightforward, quick and easy-to-follow electronic questionnaire, which means you can evaluate your tasks and projects for profitability several times a year.
Robert Reinfuss talks about the revolutionary nature of ValueView®. Robert Reinfuss is the originator of the ValueView tool.

ValueView® enables measurement of the value of any tasks carried out in the organization, including those without a direct impact on performance. It can be used in any kind of organization

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Selected clients who have implemented ValueView® at their organisations:

What will your ValueView® package include?

A task map for your organisation

Descriptions of all the jobs and tasks at your organisation as they are today, based on the ValueView® methodology

An overview and a map of the task beneficiaries at your organisation

A list of all the people who benefit from each task at your organisation

An analysis of the value and profitability of your organisation's tasks

An assessment of the profitability of your organisation’s tasks using the ValueView® methodology.
An evaluation of non-quantifiable tasks using conventional methods.

A report on job evaluation with recommended changes

A report that ranks tasks and jobs according to business profitability

Advice and support provided by experienced consultants

Dedicated job optimisation solutions.
Assistance in task elimination and resource relocation.

How is ValueView® implemented?

ValueView® is implemented in:
4 key

  • 1 STAGE

    Prepare the evaluation

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  • 2 STAGE

    Conduct the ValueView®

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  • 3 STAGE

    Analyse the results of the evaluation

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  • 4 STAGE

    Conclusions and recommendtions

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1STAGEPrepare the evaluation

1 stage - Prepare the evaluation

Prepare the evaluation

Simple and precise job descriptions prepared through dedicated workshops. Prepare your organisation to define your task beneficiaries and determine the value of the tasks performed for them.

2STAGEConduct the ValueView®

2 stage - Conduct the ValueView®

Conduct the ValueView®

An online evaluation in three short and easy-to-follow steps:
(1) Prepare a list of tasks: approx. 30 min
(2) Define the workload and beneficiaries: approx.15 min.
(3) Let the tasks be evaluated by your beneficiaries: approx.15 min.

3STAGEAnalyse the results of the evaluation

3 stage - Analyse the results of the evaluation

Analyse the results of the evaluation

Calculate the value of each task, job or process. Calculate the workload for each job. Calculate the job fix index (FitIndex™) for each job

4STAGEConclusions and recommendtions

4 stage - Conclusions and recommendtions

Conclusions and recommendtions

– Workshops to analyse the results together with attendees and management.
– A report with recommendations for:
(1) the organisational structure of your business and the consistency of jobs with your business strategy,
(2) the areas for development and innovation and areas where money can be saved by reducing workload,
(3) an analysis of your beneficiaries in terms of workload,
(4) the value of your organisation’s jobs,
(5) the areas for development of your personnel, people and topics.

The ValueView® evaluation can be used for many purposes.
This is why we will adjust it to reflect the specific business needs of your organisation.

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View a sample ValueView® evaluation report. See the results of our work for other organisations, or read our selection of texts about profitability measurement

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Who are we?

We are a group of consultants and advisory firms, We share the goal of helping businesses and other organisations to work more efficiently. We define and evaluate efficiency and profitability mainly from the client perspective.

For this, we perform analyses based on the ValueView® methodology for measuring your organisation’s value for both internal and external clients.

We strongly believe that ValueView® is an innovation approach to business, a unique evaluation method and a related IT tool designed to re-orient your organisation’s management processes towards an extremely profitable key business function.

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Advisory firms that use ValueView®:

ValueView® partners:

ValueView® partners are individuals actively engaged in developing the ValueView® methodology as a response to the challenges faced by professionals in the area of organisational efficiency.


+48 601 411 086

Robert Reinfuss is a practitioner of management, business consultant and author of numerous publications in the field of human resource management. He has ten years of experience in consulting and twelve years’ management experience in manufacturing, retail and banking. 

He is the author of the two books: MBO – Simple, Effective Management Techniques for your Business” (original in Polish) and Market of Objectives – Return on investment in HR”. The book describes a spectacular success story of a Market of Objectives implementation. 

Robert is an expert in measuring and controlling systems of profitability, organisational effectiveness, and competencies. He is the creator of ValueView®, the first method that uses a survey to continuously measure the value of tasks and processes within an organisation, supported by a dedicated IT system.

Robert lectures at several universities, e.g. Warsaw University, Business High School in Dąbrowa Górnicza

He studied at the Jagiellonian University, Kraków and Oxford University where he graduated with a degree in Social Science. He completed Postgraduate Studies in Management in Johannesburg, and Human Resource Management at CIPD in the UK. 


+48 502 196 328

A consultant, trainer and a manager with 20 years of business experience. She is the founder of and programme director at INSPIRE Sourcing. Lidia provides mentorship and coaching to managers. She is also a certified ZineINC Poland consultant and an organisational development partner at Advisio Consulting Methodologies. Lidia specialises in advisory projects that aim to increase organisational efficiency and involve the development of work standards that support steady growth. She teaches workshops in targeted development for managers and individuals preparing to take on new positions or functions and to deal with new challenges. She supports organisations in building career paths and managing talent. She has gained professional experience by working as a marketing manager at Convector Sp. z o.o. (a manufacturing company); a sales director at a financial sector corporation; a co-owner of Alter Ego (an advertising agency); and a consultant advising and training companies: Greń Communication, Langas Group and Business Center.


+48 601 384 455

He is a partner at Trio Management Consulting Group. He is responsible for Human Capital & Organisational Efficiency Management. A consultant since 2001, he has participated in and led many projects in the creation and optimisation of Human Capital Management tools. He specialises in building efficient organisations through their personnel.  In particular, he focuses on personnel strategies, human capital efficiency, remuneration and employee development. He also has experience of managing change, delivering advice in job restructuring projects and managing projects to integrate HR solutions into M&A processes. He has also led workshops and training sessions at the Personnel Congress (Kongres Kadry) and at Polish Association of Human Resource Management (PSZK) general and local conventions. Daniel is also the author of commentaries and articles published in newspapers such as Gazeta Wyborcza, Rzeczpospolita and Puls Biznesu, and in trade magazines.


+381 60 029 0020

Professional trainer and coach with corporate background and expertise in professional and personal development. As senior partner in Atria Group (an international consulting company which offers a wide portfolio of assessment tools, development programs, professional training, coaching and mentoring in fields of professional and personal development), he led different leadership development projects as well as a large number of different training and coaching programs. His main areas of interests are business coaching and business application of different personal development methodologies (NLP, Solution focused thinking, Process Communication Model…)


+ 381 (0)11 4123 410

Dusan is a co-founder and Senior Partner in Consulting Company ‘Atria Group’, which is present and working in Serbia, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Switzerland and Portugal. Over the course of last 14 years he has been engaged in development of human resources, primarly in corporate environment, and later on in consultancy projects. His fields of expertise are systematic development of human resources, assessment of employees’ potential and capabilities, as well as reinforcing teams and managers through development projects, with focus on training and business coaching.



Jon Gornstein, founder and President of Persona GLOBAL®, Inc., is an industry pioneer in the practice of change leadership, organisational alignment, and interpersonal communication. Throughout the 37 years of his career, Jon has worked in over 70 countries, providing consulting services to major multinational corporations facing competitive pressures necessitating strategic change. His career has integrated his two major interests: international business and personnel development. In 1980, he founded Persona GLOBAL®, with the premise that, when people in a corporation communicate more effectively, the corporation will have a better chance of achieving superior results. Since founding Persona GLOBAL®, Jon has partnered with the world’s leading consultants in corporate performance and leadership to develop a full range of training methodologies and metrics in organisational alignment, change leadership, and performance management. Persona GLOBAL®’s training and consulting intervention programmes are now available in  38 languages across 72 countries. Companies that have benefited from Persona GLOBAL®, Inc.’s strategic partnerships worldwide include: BMW, Mazda, Kikkoman, Hitachi, Kawasaki, Dell, Alcatel, Motorola, Inter-Continental Hotels, Westin Hotels, British Airways, and Japan Airlines.

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